Black Tie

More Than Just Books on Dating

Going through 10 Ways to Win a Girl's Heart and Black Tie will:

  • Bring more insight into identity and how this affects your dating life.
  • Help you consider qualities great for dating and a future life together.
  • Teach you practical tips on pursuing and approaching a girl. 
  • Aid you in preparing yourself for a healthy relationship.
  • Give you insights into complimenting and encouraging in dating.
  • Help you reignite your creativity and romantic nature within.

What People Are Saying

KELLAN LUTZ, actor Twighlight Saga and Expendables 3

"We've all made mistakes in relationships with a loved one, and I'm not expert, but reading Kris Wolfe's book has really given me an in-depth understanding as to what it takes to find and keep the woman of my dreams. I recommend this book to any man ready and willing to find the love of his life."

MEAGAN TANDY, actress Teen Wolf, UNReal, and Survivor's Remorse

"Wow. This book is absolutely amazing! The wisdom Kris shares is so genuine and real and it all comes from an authentic place from within him. It takes a real man to be able to humble himself, admit where he messed up in the journey, put it on paper and then want to help the next good guy. As a woman I am so thankful for this book and appreciate it. We need more Good Guys! The wisdom Kris shares is so practical and something any guy at any level can achieve. Every guy who picks up this book, get ready to be transformed because it is certainly a game changer."

ANTHONY TOLLIVER, NBA player Sacramento Kings

"Kris has tackled an issue that every guy wants to know to get the girl! But what really stands out in this book to me is how much of an emphasis he puts on us, as men, to work on ourselves first. Kris does a great job of making this book relatable and it is something that anyone can learn from...even if you have already found THE ONE!"

TRAVIS VAN WINKLE, actor The Last Ship

"Kris hammers the nail right on the head. #BullsEye. I couldn't help but laugh at the similarities in my journeys through love. I found the book insightful, funny, relatable, and it most certainly gave me clarity on a few issues I've run into over the past couple of years. If you are single and looking to create that once in a lifetime relationships, READ KRIS'S BOOK."

Meet Kris Wolfe

Kris Wolfe married his dream girl, Kristen Dalton (a Miss USA), almost 4 years ago. Together, Kris and Kristen run online magazines for men and women, speak, and also lead men's and women's groups in Los Angeles, CA. Both of them burst onto the viral online scene when they published articles such as "The Wife List," "The Husband List," and "21 Lost Gentleman Traditions That Still Apply Today" on their respective websites and Each site has attracted audiences of over 12 million.